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Attribution Help:

Ancient Coin Art - Nikola Moushmov.   Search engine for tracing your Julia Domna Provincial Coins of the Balkan Peninsula.

Wildwinds.  Web site you can use to attribute the coins of Julia Domna (and others!!). It has a partial legend search engine, in which you can type the letters you can make out and it will list the possible matches held in their database.

Helpful Information:

Doug Smith's Coin View.  Superb web site covering many, many coin subjects. For Julia Domna devotees, I would certainly recommend the following web pages:

Septimius Severus and Julia Domna - An overview of coins.

Julia Domna "Emesa" Mint Denarii.

Septimius, Julia and Venus - His and Her Coins.

Bride of My Favourite Coin - A Numismatic Wedding.

Julia Domna Alexandria Tetradrachm - Greek Imperials.

Plated Denarii - Second Instalment of a Series.


Ancient Peddler.   A Yahoo group of great folks, who just love to chat and occasionally about ancient coins! They host a LIVE auction every Sunday , at 2.00 PM EST.

Coinzappers.   A Yahoo group dedicated to the "zapping" (cleaning by electrolysis) of ancient coins, which cannot be cleaning by other methods.

Uncleaned Coins.   A Yahoo group which is a place for buyers and sellers and anyone with a positive opinion, to exchange information and to discuss anything relating to uncleaned ancient coins.

Ancient Coins - Software:

Numus - MONETA 2 - The Roman Imperial/Provincial Coin Programme. 27 BC - 498 AD.  Excellent catalogue and search engine, with 20,000 coins and reference material.

Dealers and Sellers:

VCoins - "The Online Coin Show".   An Internet Mall, bringing you the widest selection of ancient coins, antiquities, books, collecting supplies and much, much more. This is also the very kind and generous host of my web site, for which I am extremely grateful. THANK YOU!